Christmas Music is Here!

Christmas Music is here! 

Now through the end of the year, we’ll be playing all Christmas music. You may have some questions and we want to answer them if we can. Here’s some insight!

Why is the Family not playing my favorite Contemporary Christian music and instead playing a mix of songs by my favorite artists, along with some timeless Christmas favorites? 
This time of year can get so busy that it’s easy to lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas; God sending His son to be “with us!” Here at the Family we are passionate about keeping Christ in Christmas. That’s why you’ll hear songs that celebrate the birth of Jesus and lyrics that share the awe, joy and wonder of the Christmas season.  At the same time we’re very mindful of the opportunity to bring others along who might not be familiar with the reason for the season.  That’s why every once in a while you’ll hear a song that played an important part of your family’s Christmas tradition from years gone by. By adding a few of these songs it’s our way of “inviting” friends and family who might not know Jesus to listen to the Family during the Christmas season and introducing them to the artists that we play the other eleven months of the year too.  So by playing all Christmas music we are reaching more families than ever before during the month of December.

What about the songs by artists who I don’t believe they are Christians?

Remember, nearly 90-percent of the music that we play during December is very clear pointing people to the Christ of Christmas. But, yes there are specific Christmas songs that remind all of us of Christmases when we were growing up. Please be assured that the Family is not abandoning the message that Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

How can I help spread the word this holiday season?

I’m SO glad you asked! First, would you pray for the Family as the songs play and encouraging words are shared to help families build healthy relationships this Christmas season? Would you tell family, friends, and co-workers that the Family is playing ALL Christmas Music? Will you encourage those you go to work with, are in a small group with or talk to that the Family is a great place to tune to for All Christmas music. You can also use Facebook or other social media and spread the word to those who may not know Jesus this season.

Why Christmas music through December?

Many families don’t celebrate traditional Christmas on December 24th or 25th and they are celebrating through the end of the year. We don’t just think Christmas should be done on December 25th, so to encourage families and not just “stop” Christmas as the world does, we’ll continue to play Christmas music through 11pm on New Year’s Eve. We’ll be back to our regular music at 12:01 am on New Year’s Day! After December!This is what I’m REALLY excited about as we head into 2020, something we call the Family 30-Day Challenge! You’ll be hearing more about this as we get closer the Christmas Day and New Year’s but I want to share it with you first.The Family 30-Day Challenge is an invitation to all who listen to the Family (and that includes ALL the NEW listeners who tuned into Christmas music) to make a commitment to listen to the Family for 30 days starting January 1st and see the difference it makes in their life. It takes 30-Days to start a new habit, and we can’t think of a better way to kick-off a new year than with encouraging, upbeat and Christ-centered music on the Family.Wishing you and your family the peace of Jesus this Christmas season.
Garrett Michaels
The Family Program Director

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