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Dear Family Listener;

Ps 16:6 The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Yes, I have a good inheritance.

As I wrap up 40 years of broadcasting, this verse keeps ringing in my ear. The Lord has indeed been good to me and in spite of myself has granted me much  favor.  He has given me a good woman who stood by me even in my tumultuous prodigal days, whose loving example led me to Christ without her saying a word!  He has gifted me with two wonderful faith filled children,  a wonderful daughter-in-law and the blessings of two grandchildren,  and one angel who waits for us in heaven.  In those 40 years of broadcasting, God has provided for all of our needs. (often in miraculous fashion)

I remember listening to Bob “Coffee Head” Larsen on WEMP and Bob Barry (WOKY) in Milwaukee and dreaming about being a DJ like them some day. I also dreamed of being a sports broadcaster like Earl Gillespie of the Milwaukee Braves (That one didn’t work out so well.) And I also dreamed about being a pastor. Two out of three ain’t bad, thank You Lord!

It was when I  had about a year left in my 6 year hitch with the Navy that I landed my first radio show on board the U.S. S. Harry E. Yarnell.  It was the “Maddog  Matz Show” and it consisted of playing music off of my personal collection of reel to reel music, and then counting down the top three requested songs of the night.  This stint reawakened the dream of being a DJ in me and when I got out of the Navy I attended  the now defunct, Institute of Broadcast Arts in Milwaukee.  Redd Hall, (another WEMP alumni) directed the school and upon my graduation from the year long program recommended me for the ring announcers job for All Star Wrestling at the Brown County Arena. (Yes I have been in the ring with Jesse the Body Ventura, the Crusher, Wicked Nick Bockwinkel and many others.)

Just before graduation from school, I was offered a job at WAUN in Kewaunee. It was a small station in the middle of a farm field in Kewaunee the featured Polka music, and local sports broadcasts. It was such a small station that I had to learn all the aspects of radio, from sales, to remote broadcasts, to engineering, to copy writing, to janitorial work.  Unfortunately the pay was not enough to support my family of soon to be three as Joanie was pregnant with Jay.  Without consulting Joanie, I quit my job at WAUN, drove to Green Bay and walked into the studios of WBAY (radio)  and was hired on the spot to do the 7 to 11 P.M. shift as “Wayne Moss.”  (Talk about the Lord’s provision!) The station was sold and became WGEE/WIXX.  After three years of doing country music, I received an offer from WCUB in Manitowoc to do their morning show.

It was during my stint at CUB radio that I received my second OWI and woke up one Monday morning in Jail instead of on the air. This was my rock bottom moment and God used the situation to lead me back to Christ! The people at Cub were gracious and gave me another chance and I worked there for another four years before I got the call to come to WEMI!

I had met Paul Cameron at a Bowl for Life event and told him I would be interested in working at WEMI should they ever have an opening.  Well, that call came when Curt Drexler was going to leave the morning shift to work full time at Christ the Rock. I took the job and shortly afterward moved from Two Rivers to Menasha.

In 1999 I began pastoring Living Word Lutheran Church, and in 2003 left WEMI to pastor full time.  The church struggled and after 4 years I was back on the air voice tracking the overnite shift. The church folded in 2009, and I was soon voice tracking the 6:30 to midnight shift at WEMI and when Scott Juve took on new responsibilities at the station I applied for the Going Home Show position and have been at it until today.

Let me just say that every single radio station I worked for, every program director, every owner, every co-worker, and every listener  have special places in my heart. 40 years provide many good memories and too many people to mention by name.

Names like Carl Pagel, Bob Strobel, Doug Cofrin, John Zucker, Randy Allen, Duke Wright, Bob Irish, Lee Davis, and one of the most fun guys I ever worked with Mike Kinzel, Ken Ellis, Paul Cameron, Bob O Hallorin (who came up with the nickname “The Du-Man”)   Bruce Tjelda , and so many more that I won’t mention for fear of leaving someone out. All of you, and you know who you are, made my radio experience rewarding, fulfilling, and a blast!

Some quick highlights of my career: Working a high school football game at Lambeau, playing tennis in a Kenny Rogers tennis tournament. Getting knocked to the floor by Larry McCarren in a charity Packer basketball game. Walking from Manitowoc to Fond du Lac carrying a mock bucket of blood on behalf of the unborn.  Participating in Operation Rescue at the Grand Chute abortion clinic! And who can forget getting locked in the bathroom here at WEMI!. I also have been granted the privilege of writing and broadcasting  thousands of daily  “devotions” which were shared on  WEMI! What a privilege to be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ over the airwaves with thousands of people.  I hope and pray that my words and actions over the years have either led someone to Christ or somehow strengthened their faith.

Yes, the lines have fallen to me in good places! Thank You Jesus! And thank you to all my listeners through the years for you have  all helped make this possible.  I really don’t know what’s next for the “Du-Man,” but I know Jesus isn’t done with me yet!  I leave you with these parting words, “Just keep goin’ on”, and remember, “Jesus loves YOU! Tell your face about it!”


The Du-Man


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  1. Mark & Micky Mennen

    Hate to see you go, Micky and I will like to say good-By but really it just so long . I’m sure we will see you around Menasha in your Van. Maybe on your Moped weather permitting of course. Glade you enjoyed the cake.. Wish I had more time, could of been bigger and better thought out.. If and when ever Micky make some egg rolls again your on the top of her list.

  2. Sally

    I will miss you Du-Man! You were always so uplifting & put a smile on my face. All the best to you & your family. I pray for good health, rest & relaxation to you! May God bless you & your family. Enjoy the next chapter.

  3. Jean

    You will be missed Du-Man! I’ve been a Family listener for a couple years and have really enjoyed hearing your uplifting voice on the radio! I wish you all the best! Happy, Happy, Happy Retirement!!!! Enjoy the next chapter in life! God Bless!

  4. Mike & Mona

    Gonna miss you Du-Man! I listen to you often, and love your stupid jokes and stories. 🙂 Will miss your Jesus Loves You – Tell Your Face About it comment. Have a happy, healthy retirement – God Bless!


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Thank you for your interest in joining The Family's email list.  By joining us, you will receive our quarterly newsletter, information about programming and concerts/events that we co-sponsor.

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